About Us

Created in 2018, Base Ten Math is a IRS designated 501(c)3 Oregon nonprofit organization, dedicated to improve and extend student numeracy by supporting mathematics education in elementary schools and closing the achievement gap at the elementary level. Base Ten Math follows a Growth Mindset model to help students develop positive mathematical mindsets.

Officers and Board of Directors

Sidsel Anderson, Executive Director & Founder, Base Ten Math
Sidsel Anderson, Executive Director & Founder

Sidsel has been a professional math coach since she took on her first private student in the Fall of 2012.  In 2014 she began working with Reena Gupta’s 3rd grade math class at Le Monde French Immersion School. She has continued at Le Monde as the math coordinator until this year (2018) at which time she began putting her full efforts into developing Base Ten Math.

Sidsel also ran a business in the grocery industry from 1998 until she sold it in 2013.  During this time, the math she had learned in school was finally being applied to real world situations.  This gave her an understanding of mathematics that had more meaning and relevance than any math learning she had experienced in school.  

As Sidsel transitioned from business owner to math coach, she brought her passion for real, hands on learning to her instruction.  This has inspired her to create situations that enable students to have their Ah-ha moments in mathematics.  These Ah-ha moments are what give her the drive to never give up on what students are capable of conceptualizing in mathematics!

Sidsel graduated from the University of Oregon with degrees in German and International Studies in ‘91.  She also completed the Small Business Management Program through Portland Community College in 2000.

In her freetime, Sidsel is an avid nordic skier together with her husband, Anish Karmarkar, and her two daughters.

Reena Gupta, Base Ten Math, Director & Co-founder
Reena Gupta, Director & Co-Founder

Reena was born in Montreal Canada but has lived in Portland, Oregon for more than 13 years. She has also travelled to and lived in India, where part of her extended family lives.

Reena attended McGill University where she studied to be a High School Math and French teacher. She then pursued her education and completed a Master of Arts in Educational Technology. Thereafter she worked in various corporations in their Human Resources departments and participated in various projects, including creating a new employee performance evaluation tool, helping with new employee recruitment and orientation and performing exit interviews. She also designed, evaluated and produced training manuals. She is now applying this skill to designing a state of the art training manual for Base Ten Math tutors.

While raising her two girls, she went back to her initial love, teaching, and worked for three years at a charter school where she rekindled her passion for Math. Having Sidsel as a coach during her teaching years inspired Reena to join her at Base Ten Math.

Brad Nelson, Director & Co-Founder